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Configuring your ESSB Email

Configuring e-mail
(NO computer expertise needed)

To configure Outlook Express with addresses, click here

To configure Outlook with addresses, click here

To configure Thunderbird with addresses, click here

Additional notes:
As some of you are already aware, many Internet Service Providers have been blocking substantial amounts of traffic on the standard outgoing email port (25) in the hopes of reducing spam. The downside is the fact that those of us who travel tend to lose the ability to send email as soon as we are outside of the "Fiber Optic Network" which now links many of our schools and the Board Office.

People can now configure their email programs to use an unrestricted channel (port 1025) to send their email. As well, to increase security, our email server now requires user authentication in order for someone to connect to it to send email. This means that everyone with an ESSB email address simply has to make a one-time configuration change to their email program.